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FLUXX® Vented Caps - SABEU Plastik & Membran Technologie

SABEU - Plastics and Membrane Technology

P: +49 5551 9101-00
E-Mail: info@sabeu.com

FLUXX® Vented Caps

FLUXX®-Vented Caps for standardized industrial containers are available in the following thread sizes:

  • DIN 45 with molded on tamper-evidence ring
  • DIN 51 with or without tamper-evidence ring / molded on or attached
  • DIN 61 with or without tamper-evidence ring / molded on or attached

FLUXX®-Vented Caps are:

  • equipped with the SAVE-Degassing System
  • available with a variety of sealing rings (EPE, rubber, PVC, TPE)
  • suitable for packaging dangerous goods

Intended for the packaging of:

  • Industrial chemicals
  • Bleaching agents
  • Peroxides
  • Fertilizers
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Sterilizers
  • Disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Foods in the EC

Based on their configuration and structural design, our vented caps meet all the requirements for the approval for use with suitable containers and bottles as set forth in the ADR test specifications and the BAM dangerous goods regulation, BAM-GGR 005.

Vented Caps


Description Illustration Item Number Pack Quantity Dimensions
Tamper-evidence ring, injected
for DIN 45 thread
for 2-10 litre containers
332xxx 1 Euro pallet
= 18.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
Ø A 41,1 mm
Ø B 44,7 mm
P (Pitch) 4 mm
H 5 mm
Tamper-evidence ring, injected
for DIN 51 thread
for 5-30 litre containers
357xxx 1 Euro pallet
= 11.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
Ø A 50,2 mm
Ø B 54,8 mm
P (Pitch) 5 mm
H 5 mm
Tamper-evidence ring, injected
for DIN 61 thread
for 15-60 litre containers
367xxx 1 Euro pallet
= 7.500 pcs.
(20 boxes)
Ø A 55,6 mm
Ø B 60,5 mm
P (Pitch) 6 mm
H 5 mm
Sealing Ring
Standard Sealing Ring: Alveocel (EPE 300) Alternatively: EPDM, PTFE, PVC on request
SAVE-Degassing System
Contract assembly services of our SAVE-Degassing System in your closures on request.
Description Category Size Type
FLUXX Product catalog Product information 4.49 MB pdf
FLUXX Vented Caps Product information 912.21 kB pdf

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